sulinors first intrument was the piano when he was 15 years old. those days he became a workaholic musician, and there is no end in sight. listen to these examples.all the files are .wma files.

ambient track, badly performed, black-music, coconut boy, dancefloor, deep mood,depressive, deutsch, drum'n bass, external singers, fun-pop, get-dance, gesprochen, goa, happy tronic, hip-hop, hypmotion, jazzy-pop, kinderlieder, latin-style, lightly strange, live, love-love, meditation, mental ill, minne, polka, pop, raga dub, rock, strange pop, techno, volkstümlich
Complete CDs

why to obtain one of them, you can have it in the internet!

Ambient Tracks

noiselike, tech-meditations, experimental tracks

Badly Performed

could not really mange the situation

Black Music

songs that have b.a. lyrics or a black magic contet, dark desire

Coconut Boy

old songs, inspired by costa rica, the coconut boy is still there


straight disco dancefloor, of course with sulinor touch

Deep Mood

trancy tracks in minor, electronic + ethnic tracks (100 days in moha)


calm songs, a little hopeless but also relaxing.


lustig bis frech und sogar a bissl politisch

Drum'n Bass

cool step 7 d+b and lot of kuno tracks.

External Singers

boys, girls, many of the people that came to 5thFloor Studios.

Fun Pop

i was in a good mood - don't take it seriously


verrückte geschichten rund um verrückte ideen.

Get Dance

new and old songs, people start movin, while listening

Goa Trance

acid trance, goa, party at the beach with colours and beat


always happy songs, fast moving beats, but really superfishial

Hip Hop

sulinor hip hops. lyrics about love and life in innsbruck.


meditation tracks from the techno generation - gentle tronic

Jazzy Pop

i played guitar, sung and was writing. kind of easy music.


für nathanael, benjamin haben agnes und ich diese lieder aufgenommen.

Latin Style

not pure latin music, but reminds to it a little bit. the lyrics are like that, too.

Lightly Strange

strange strange, but also totally normal


no cuts -all performed and sung live.


i loved so many times and that way i had to write love songs.


slow down, lay down and take 10 minutes to think about the day.

Mental ill

i cannot justify this, but - yes, it was me, who made that.


lyrics about knights, princesses and dragons.


4 by 4 songs


straight pop songs. no weird idea broke throught - wow

Raga Dub

kinda suli-style from the old days until now i made songs like these.


hard guitars, straight rhythms and sharp solos.

Strange Pop

planet orion samples, mythic pop, written for female voices


beats, snares and hats. oh boy, it was all about the kick


schöne heimatlieder für frohe stunden. alpenglück von johnny falkner.

Old Trax

alltogether here it comes. produced years ago, some of sulinors old trax