welcome to SULINOR hyperactive media

the material shown on this site was produced by sulinor, also known as daniel goldberg. whenever a new creative process begins, he is involved. starting out with sounds and colors, he uses many arts and instruments to express the feeling, that made him an artist.

take the camera, start to dance, shout, sing and don't be afraid to make mistakes. as human creatures we are ready to create. it is our heart that leads to this.

MUSIC/LOVE-LOVE: and i did always think you're crazy

oben sieht man den chef mit 2 hollywood legenden auf einer party in malibu, und nachdem jetzt der grösste stress vorbei ist sind die meisten mitarbeiter schon mal kräftig beim relaxen.

einen schönen herbst wünscht,

eure lisa pfaunhoff (i.v.s.) , am 13.november 2004