welcome to SULINOR hyperactive media

the material shown on this site was produced by sulinor, also known as daniel goldberg. whenever a new creative process begins, he is involved. starting out with sounds and colors, he uses many arts and instruments to express the feeling, that made him an artist.

take the camera, start to dance, shout, sing and don't be afraid to make mistakes. as human creatures we are ready to create. it is our heart that leads to this.

Der Sulinor Shop

MUSIC/OLD TRAX - techno 1994 - Peter was insane

MUSIC/OLD TRAX - pop 1994 - Babe Blue

MUSIC/EXTERNAL SINGERS - 1993 luck and pain - by TONI


das mit dem shop haben jetzt hoffentlich alle mitgekrieg, ansonsten bitte wie immer im archive nachschauen.

bei den unzähligen experimenten mit 3d programmen hat sich der chef mal in eine marmorbüste verwandelt. soll uns nicht weiter stören, schauen wir uns einfach an, was es wieder neues gibt.

einen schönen herbst wünscht,

eure lisa pfaunhoff (i.v.s.) , am 19.september 2004