the story of life in the middle of nowhere, in the big city on the streets, they seemed to match forever. but alkohol, no money and no place to stay made their love vulnerable. additional musicians: efem, subnee, sattler, hornek, akiko etc
#01 cities mare

harbour of new york, 54 years old homeless moral man lives in the street, emptiness inside and no future to live for. in his dream he hears the voice that promises a better land, clear waters, green hills...

#02 a trace o the mare

a reminiscense of larrys first love. he traveled a long way from the west coast with "mandy". they had much hope, but this story did "end where the doves pick up all the dirt".

#03 luna girl

this is the first time, when larry sees the luna girl. she just passes by in the morning. her work as a love-doll is over and her dreams of a better life can be also seen in her eyes. "luna girl - motel queen, i saw you there..." child voice- naima, girls:subnee, iphigeneia, akiko

#04 blue elevator

he sits there and watches the elevator down to the subway. drunken he talks to it as if it would be a person. the blue elevator watches his dreams. didgeridoo: stefan sattler, synth reaktor, tablas:efem

#05 under the roof

they found a dry place under the roof of an old building near station alka lore. finding sleep there, it is also a shelter for the first time together. tubular bells: silaman cole

#06 hunter of rain

marleen and larry decided to marry and already found "altars of mare" but are still in lack of a priest. there is not even a replacement in sight and the rain keeps on falling...

#07 good morning moon

they wake up on the street because they get busted away every day. that is so early, that the moon is still in the sky. voices: subnee, akiko, iphigeneia

#08 the urban horror

this is how larry grew up. in the mud of his hometown the loveless child saw the first light in summer 69. out of poorness and desillusion came a strong charakter with a diffuse vision.

#09 moral man

deep down in the cave there was a light. burnt by everse enlightment he lost all sense of morality. but still, like anybody else, he bears the desire to keep a soul in his heart, and a love - tablas: efem, special audio fx: silaman cole

#10 luna bossa

talking about music styles the streetgirl and moral man they start to feel cultural active. one more time they get wake up by the molest newspaper seller. melody and guitar: michael neuhauser, claves: enrico bossito

#11 murder in the lane street

someone killed smitt jeckins! he always wandered around, had no aim. the sinner took his life, and as the lane street son is dead we were all afraid who could be the next one. guitar: saller handers, drums: lackman

#12 cementary salsa

in a good mood they wanted to kiss at the graveyard. but is there anybody? as the zombies come out, they insist on dancing with the lovers. and they approached damned close...

#13 no justice for salmon rosie doll

she has never done anything bad, her father did beat her, her first boyfriend made her working in the red light and as her dream gets darker it seems, that even god turns away. but still, there is no justice for salmon rosie doll...

#14 late night long

larry and marleen felt the urban horror in a pcp rush. if you cook the crevetes, they jump around. colours come out of the asphalt and sealed secrets push their way out of the brain. voice: subnee, lyrics: subnee + sulinor, didge: sattler

#15 when the rain falls

come back, my love, come back one day, i will be waiting here for you. dream that verse with me, waters comin down on the streets and wash the tears away. sitar: shigath anraa, voice: subnee + iphigeneia

#16 goodbye for me

weakened by 30 years of alcohol he finally gives up in street 276, far away from station alka lore. crushed down they are holding hands for one more time, blitting up all oportunities. the love was real. it was deep and there was no need for further talks.

efem, who played all the tabla track could not make it to the official cd-release, he was a good friend, a good fighter, we laughed so much during the recording sessions and the cd was finally dedicated to him.

didgeridoo: stefan sattler