the sick boy love her so much, that he took her life away. in his ill mind he buried her in the cementary, and when he visits her every year, he can be heard talking there all night long. in his mind starts a hole new world of weird emotions...
#01 so say

the flies took us wonder, because a dead body always attracts decompostition. larry talks about his youth and that he really did not like it- in his own words.

#02 let it go now

at midnight he got crazy. there was nothing she could do, being convinced that they shall spent the rest of their lives in a grave, the borders between illusion and reality seemed to disappear.

#03 rubar thomas

starting out his the carron muezim, this is about the rubar thomas, a former friend of o-joe. as there was also love responible for the disaster, parallels come out.

#04 gimme o joe

the time was right, and what seems to be cold for one, larry is fond of the warmth and love shinan gave his. he did it to keep their love.

#05 the raven in the cray

he weakens his body, by walking around by night in the pouring rain. the fever gains and while he lays down and touches the soil, the raven in the cray was the only witness

#06 he wants the stars

the guitar solo expresses the attempt for a better vision. it happened in balmore 1965, as a everlasting desire to reach the peak of life. in the moonlight he could see his face. thoses days he lost his mind.

#07 grounded heart

he grounded his love far beyond footlevel. the lorry stood right at the church. in his way to leave his body, the organ out of the open doors could not stop him from taking off.

#08 bolders and shot

bolders and shot - that is a picture of the thoughts of larry winters. severe damage was made to both mind and soul and as we hear this, do not take it seriously.

#09 oh lay your head

the cds most beautiful love song. this love was special, no wonder that he wanted her. the girl was always by his side and never had another one.

#10 you did hurt someone

nobody knew him there, but after he was seen crawling around, they called him devil.

#11 fly my raven

the raven fetched worms, to feed his little bird. at the funeral of larry, they used 20 tons to separate him forever from what he called love. come down raven and touch the land.

#12 muba loore

muba loore was a witch, who saw thomas month before larry did. as it was far to late to rescue larry's life, there was still a way, to rescue the love of him and his girl. the curse began...

#13 say me goodbye

"hold me in my death, stay, my little honour". larry finally reached the end. feeling far apart, he cried for a long, long time. shinan was always there...