some people hated the phase when i started to produce one techno track after another. but indee i learned a lot, and techno was also more than a piece of technical reference for me.
beta blocker

the beta blocker blocks it all. it changes its loops in quarter mesures. this is progressive acid.

in his own blood

a speedy piece, this is good, if you have to move or to do something like cleaning up the whole kitchen.

mei madl

the "mei madl" techno, but i never did the spoken part. other than that i played around with phaser and moving eqs.


i produced this one for a big altamira rave. the melody starts after a while and transforms the piece in a trance style techno.

the wondering machine

image a machine, that seemed to stop working. but there are signs, that it is still alive. after some time new life comes into the mule, and speeds it up.

is this all

acid dance piano was mixed with old vocal samples. if you would have told me that day, how many times producers will use them, i would not have believed you.

working machine

the machine has just recharged its batteries and is now ready to works. come on, here we go, but...oups...what does it do!

mei liabs dirndl

mei liabs dirdl, was heavily damaged from the bad dat-tapedeck. anyway, this was my first consecutive raw techno track.