strange pop is indeed a chapter of its own. it is not commercial and not too much of a sample trash, so i chose to give it its own name.
don't you now pray

working with samples from the soundtrack of raumschiff orion i came out with this one. the story should take place in the space, no joke.

give me a reason

on the spaceships are strange sexual manners. hearts are rarely broken, but when it happens people tend to change ships. and they are sometimes far away.

loco tronic

captain silver has high fever. unable to use his technical skill on the commando bridge, he starts to sing and dance trough the robot halls.

well, my baby

the machine room is getting warmer every minute. a black hole is coming closer and cannons are all at low energy. right now, she comes into the room and tells me, she has enough.

my only world

there are hundreds of universes but only one love. this is about the only world....."i'm a farspace beams apart"