i am also a rocker. yes i like fast drums, dent guitars and shouting around. good old tracks and new releases mix in this section. will i ever play the guitar like johnny wiltrin?
pay me, baby

she bullshitted him such a long time, betrayed him, and now he wants it back. i was just about to play the drums right, and my father bought me a drumkit, wich i placed in my tiny studio.

walking in the rain

tube overdrive was expensive but zoom was affordable. i like that piece for the solo in the end, that was performed real good.

ex ultima

the story starts in england in 1105 a.c. but as the song goes on it ends when the hero wakes up in the future. he was wearing a cyber helmet, and that all was illusion.

fuck that land

special fx from the pulse and the 404, i mixed it with hard guitars. the voice was also processed with auto modulation and distortion. the solo is an old inverntion.

i have enough

she did such cruel things that i had to write this song. but in the lyrics it even more difficult. she tells him, that she wants him back and so on, but he definitely has enough.

run for my love

many boys run after girls, this time it is different. but the boy has a cool heart. do you remember the rhythm. it is the same like in the last track of the "pay a pint" cd!

say yeah

i produced this track, when we had a new manager. my artist name was raymond ward, and everybody was in a hurry to sign a contract here or there.

tally of the sun

the witches daughter was a tally of the sun. she was a seekker and a very special one.