i loved the reggea influenced pop music. so i called this my raga-pop, don't be mean, if it does'nt fit in what you know about dub or raga. it has a laid back atmosphere.
good mornin 2

playin around with effects and dub delays this is a good one. i just received the hyperprim effects for my pc, and had a lot of fun turning the knobs. a love to love story, for the awakening.

the way, she hold the microphone, she kisses

she came into the studio, sang, and we did nearly everything during the recording session wrong. we were totally confused by her sex-appeal.

wait my lady

a very old raga-pop, very laid back. is is hot and he is on a ship moving closer to the harbour. he cannot wait to get back to her.

you're so sweet

the deep bass was made by my waldorf pulse. manni lived in our community and we used his stereo to control our mixes. the excellent speakers made us good sound engeneers.