of course i tried to make a number one hit. but in the end i always ran out of energy or nerves and made it sound funny. as years pass by, i hope i calm down a little bit, so i go on, and try that.
the bowl

lyrics are by sebatian huber, and a classic. the song has a drive and speed. for shure i was young, and that can be heard in the way my voicve sounds, and i do intonate.

maya and me

playing a concert in switzerland i met this girl. really beatiful, long blond hair and lips like cherries. i tried to see her again, but my fate had other plans...

million dollars

it is all about the money, this time a million dollars. what do you mean, how much should it be. but to honest, i still do not even have a car...

swim, baby, swim

they sit at the swimming pool all day and drink cocktails. what a life, nobody of the rich boys has to work, and for shure, there are plenty of girls.

i am a mashine

the crazy boy is totally in love again. but he is acting like he has no emotions. although he is functioning properly, there is still something missing...

cola and sun

she is a special kind. she likes to party, she like the sunshine and of course, she like life. so what is it all about? - cola and sun.