polka is not really the right word for this kind of music. but it describes it a little bit. this is also theatrical music with a lot of expression.
kanga mussa

i juts discovered the groove function on my atari cubase. kanga mussa made his way through the sahara desert to egypt. the whole thing was for a girl...

the braggen balls

the braggen balls were a odd game in old england. you had to collect dead insects and small animals, and then ask the lady of your choice, to play with you.

the howl

my life did change those days, and i was totally confused. later i became a man and knew about the secrets of life. i am now willing to be a brave boy again.

friends of the night

i copied this song from cassete, you can even hear the metronom of my roland d-20. this was the only synth i had, plus a guitar delay, wich i used as a reverb for my voice. recorded with my tascam 4 track tape in 1990.