our first cd, wich made its way out of our 5thFloor studio. peter hornek and daniel goldberg had tremendous fun producing this piece of good mood music.
#01 the sunshine

after the hero booked a flight to the tropics because of too much rain, the weather there does also seem to not take place as wished. but with a little learning so much is possible. voice daniel

#02 the weapon of the slayer

starting out with mo speaking, peter sings about several charakters, each with its own fate and destination. but there is someone different there, too.

#03 all i wanna know

who is this mysterious "lady of light" . however, enen if we will never know, there is a talk about things, that may happen...or not.

#04 lazy lou

well, lazy lou robbed a lot of banks. but he was also a man of honour and love. as he had a good time together with 6 other bandits, finally they got caught, and only one of them made it.

#05 in love with the sheriff

after rickman larry was caught and imprisoned by sheriff hackter he had enough time to think about, why hackter touched him more often than necessary. although they are both tough guys, each time hackter aproaches his cell, the attetude of them starts to change.

#06 angry sweet lorinna

lorinna was a beautiful, a very beautiful lady, but she was lonesome and in deep desire for a man. those days the guys did not stay long, and every day that seems to become worse.

#07 my gun

as larry takes a rest, while fleeing out of salty town, he realizes, that he lost so much to the past, but is willing to keep his only left friend.

#08 baby, wanna take ya hand

it's unbelievable, this young girl rocks the scene. as the vixen strolls around, she turns the hardcore boy crazy.

#09 lonely steve pete

he could have made it far. but his fame were also one of his stepping stones. he killed all 40 man in the rattle snake valley and even sheriff alman with his sons, but the showdown with the monkey brothers started under a bad star.

#10 baby, you gonna die

the garden is the scene of the battle. as kiver salters realizes, that he could'nt manage the soil problem, the wind took the flowers away to a long journey.

#11 she flies

a cowboy always has to go away, but in the same way he enjoys the time with his girls more than anything. after weeks of riding and coffe with no sugar, they fly really high.

#12 pay a pint

as time goes by, friends do, money does, love does. there could be an easy way to stop all this, but no cowboy likes to talk about it...