it drives me. somedays i cannot even sleep, and in the morning i get up and start to make music. it keeps me moving, it is energy, and sometimes it is creativity.
starkan a brovnitsche

a slowakian, chinese mixture. starkan is angry, because he destroyed his cd-collection. on eof my first track, that were produced only with software synths.

radio edit

this time i did wild experiments with my voice. listen carefully, i used the undertone tecnique, and transformed it to the heights. no effect was used to produce that sound.

don't tell me, that i'm a freak

totally insane piece of a guy, that does not want to be considered as a freak. but his girl seems to ignore him at all.

(die komplizierte beziehung)

for a vast

an old piece made with the 4 tracker. i was proud, that i leard the violin, but things did not work out the right way. the harmonica can be heard also.

thousand dollars

thousand dollars is just like a million dollars. i turned the overdrive to full speed and used the wavestation to alter my voice, too.

cold hills side

well peter did invernt the cold hills side. this theme was used all over and i could feel how cold it was...brr..terrible


i made this track for an extreme-sports movie, produced by katja. it is the "rose leaf ragtime" of scott joplin, arranagned by me using my well programmed "piano of the opera" for wich i recorded 256 samples from the piano in my home-base in san francisco. speed tuned up high - thats, why this piece is here.