each track is a story. sometimes this happens to every one of us. sometimes he start to understand things, that were unclear before. take a rest, and think about what happened and what you did.
shanta paradise

shanta took the long way to aruna brahtma, the secret valley. his son shantra died at the age of 2 years and the priest told him to go because the spirit of his son can be found there. he starts the journey...

shantram evening

on his way he reaches the shantram lake. as the night comes, raindrops fall into the water. on the surface he can see his face, drop by drop the picture of him fades away...

shantra gitamah

shanta stood on top of the icy mihanam mountain. the snowstorm forced him to take a rest in a cave. as he nearly freezed to death a vision comes to his mind...

in the forgotten tale of the meditating shantram

far away from limited live were the bells of imgaahn. shantas wife knew, that this time was the task for her husband. after five years he came back from the way. his name was now shantram.