i am such a kitchy person, that i cannot help producing my love songs. musicians have also feelings, and they express them, somtimes i think, this is the only real reason to become a musician.
mona wants me back again

i met this girl in l.a. and we had a good time. but after a week she had to go back to the other part of the planet.

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yes, if i go with you...

have you ever been at the decision, wheather this girl will be the real girl. well, this song is about that.

a hell of a mountain

this girl became my friend for a lifetime. i was very young and it seemed to be a ferry tale for me.

come kim

the story of a girl, who fell in love with one of my friends. i had to cook a special food because she was a vegetarien. and very young. so were we all.

come, take my hand

this song is about thrust, if you slip away, all what was before could be lost forever. lovers have a lifetime to come together, but only one second to go away.

eyes and rips

i love the way you talk, i love the things you did, i love the way you hold my hand, and i love every part of your body.

fuck around with my heart

quarreling for such a long time, our love broke apart. we would have done everything to go on, we had every opportunity but there was no way to come together.--

mauretannian love

a story about a girl and a stranger. far away in northern africa. oh boy, that was the day, when i was down on my knees.-


the lady had a broken heart, and i broke a heart. not a good idea to start a relation. it ended as it started.


i was 18 when she came into my heart. i could not recover for a long time. she was a pretty girl, and never took things seriously.

summer 95

yes, those were one of the best years of my life. she was 19 years old and within 3 seconds we were a couple. that never happened again to me, and i'll never forget the summer 95.

the desert

as i lay down with high fever in the thar desert in india, this girl came to make me healthy. wonderful 5 days, until i slipped away...

green, green grass of home

the boy was long gone, guys. as i come from a country, that is full of beatiful nature, that was always a thing for me - and for that we were laying in the high fields there, it will never pass away my memories.

my black water

you are mine, girl..., helpless we were meant to be cherry for each other for ever. crazy about you, i am asking, why you could ever let me go. see me there...

i would never---- (low quality for modems)

i would never wonder why my words came up to you.

i would never find myself a way to play the fool.

i would never ask you what you say,

nor the secrets, cause i know you knew.

i would never say you things, that you would'nt even also do.

i would never wonder why the birds did leave the sky.

i would never ask you when the winter will go bye bye.

i would never tell you where to fly,

cause i know, that you were always high.

i would never ask you things,

when you answer would be always why.

i would never doubt about the words you say to me.

i would never be a silly boy, to make you see.

i would never tell you, to be free,

cause i know that you will always be.

i would never ask you how you make it, cause you say its me.

i would never ask you how you make it, you already told me.

i know you had great sex besides me

this is a complicated situation - anyway, it's about love

you belong to me

the boy is about to sail away for a long time, and so he farewells his love at home for the sake of adventures and undiscovered worlds. the lyrics sound familiar for a real traveller and a seeker of the unknown.

lyrics+music bob dylan and sulinor.

written for ewald, innsbruck 2003 - good luck old boy!

attack of 12 pirate ships in the street of malakka

map of routes

and i did always think you're crazy

a song about a boy and a girl, who knew each other for a long time

how could you

the song is only a prehear, that means only an audio idea.