this is problably my favourite music style, because i am also a lightly strange person. i cannot stop experimenting with all th eelectronic possibilities and things i can do with my voice and all the funny instruments.
baby, lately i was crazy

lately i was crazy, no wonder, you did the same. we took a bath in the river, ran around the fields naked and sat in the cherry-tree. it was august 95.

i feel strange tonight

i produced this track in venice beach. most of the time i had a house for me alone, and as i realized, i did not want to become a millionaire in the u.s. i felt so lightly.

babe, where you're from?

sometimes a micro can cause a tremendous noise, as it did in this case. my baby was gone to the other part of the world, and in the morning of the lover i was sane.

im dunkel des schattens

im dunkel des schattens, war mein herz angerührt. der liebsten ward ich recke in einsamkeit erkührt. du sagst es sei für immer, doch seh ich kein hernach. mein geist ist starrer sinne, im zweifel einst zerbrach.

in the morning you will die

you can behave like like a child, you heart did crazy things, you can sing the whole night long, catch a few dreams, and ride around the moon, but in the morning you will die.

fly, my eagle

i made this song for peter, who went to the lybian dessert with his husar-truck. i wished him the best. he was a mechanic, with the dream of oily hands right in deeps of chatka.

from toetips to the dump

7 friends promised to keep the secret for a lifetime. but the wounded souls were suffering long years. a black hearts strife, the play was yesterday.


paddy chose this way. there was also his girlfriend, but he did not care a lot, what she felt about that.

the violin was a doubble filtered ring modulator pad.

that's why i'm here

taking full advantage of our enlightement, that every mix needs a compressor, all songs this time got compressed really hard. i also used my favor for j.s.bach to construct this song.

yes, what i did

a track-by-track song. after a time comes my deep suna-voice repeating fragments of balla-words.

the vibraphone was used as a backtrack instrument.

you gonna get that

a slow song about a rainy afternoon. we ate spagetti, and in the water of the pouring rain, winter came closer.

dad you gonna get that.

as long as i

who wants little cwookies? well this song was among the first 5thFloor productions. i specially like the off beat quoink sound.

the spider lie

yes, the spider did lie indeed. it happens from time to time. i was walking through the dessert, thursty. the sun was high and bright, and it was hard for me to remember how the spider told me about my future.

dirty jack man larry 2

i produced this song specially for peter, before he drove to africa with his truck. it is a song for manic mechanic. these boys prefer to drive screws out of their mashines instead of stayin at save homes.