as i was in central america for 3 times, i fell in love with the culture. this could be heard in some of my tracks, and christian was glad about that.
from the railroads

she was seen in town right a few weeks before. a gogo dancer from the railroads, yes she comes. the night was long and in the morning she was gone.

i love brazil

mambo, cachita, merengue - i love brazil.

no more dance the samba

stop that, and sit down. she was movin all the time. the young girls do that, but i also want to get a little love.

please come home, corinna

the night she went was innar. i kissed her in the pouring rain, but after hotsome days we was gone. please come home, corinna!

REMIX:rom the railroads

she's still in town, and so we decided to produce a remix of that old song, that was composed in san francisco 2001. the piano downstairs in the famous "country club" clayton street 885 was used troughout the whole song.