inspired by the ragged black rap tracks i did a few pieces. i was impressed they used their voice. sometimes slow ,then doubble speed and so much lyrics.
cindarella baby

from the "spektrum" all the way of the arc mile. cindarella baby was found in one of those bars.


m.c.lea is a special girl. she fought for the trees of innsbruck and believed in former lives and her appartment was full of spiritual things.

queeker girl

queeker girl had a hard time. many things went wrong. "loosing you in that hell.." seemed to be an option.

sleep with me

some of you may have a hard time understanding this english. don't worry, i have it, too.

spirit brahmana

the original track for raufasts etc. the spirit brahmana came over the land and i swear, there were a few other beatiful indian girls in varan bramuta.