these tracks should simlpy cause good mood. i hear them, when i have to do some bureau staff or clean my room. keep smiling, its easy.
the happy kirschenmarrn

i just got my new audio card and - yes it did not work, as i wanted. the song has a few glitches and timing problems, but those days that was totally normal. the choir was from exs24

mein erster synth

my roland s-750 had also a few nice highpass filters, and i came along and invented happy tronic. this was the first happy tronic track. the beginning was minor, but then it changes. that was the moment.


happy tronic was too fast to dance - just plain listening music. this is a long one. not totally happy, but the sounds are sometimes funny. this is ideal to be listened with a walkman, when you sit in the train.


yes and this was made for driving in the car. smooth and easy going - fast but no stress. just like our lives are sometimes. a different way of meditation.

sieben in der früh - froh zur arbeit geh

einfach herrlich, früh aufstehen, duschen, gemütlich anziehen und schaun, dass der kafee fertig ist. die zeitung nochmal durchgelesen und dann ab aus dem haus.

i love you as you are

please do not take this as a piece of music - take it as a sound. i enjoy listening to it while i clean up my room or do some office work. try it!

bonifaz running through NYC

as the tyrolean boy from the mountains runs around downtown, he sees colors everywhere, people - wherever you look, and everything is moving. so fast - so exiting - unbelievable, to reach the unreachable star. as a witness of a new world and the miracles it bears bonifaz is running with a smile from ear to ear.