i came to goa at the age of 21. techno was at the disco-range and dancefloor fever moved the kids. goa was the place to be and soon trance was developed. thousands traveled to the weird beaches of india.
my angel

he fell in love with that girl on ko phangan, and had a hard time leaving her there. she was a thai beaty and they had been dancing 10 ten till the full moon party...

gosha love

i was in goa in 1990, that was just about the time, when the goa boom started. dj were coming from all over the world with their dat tapes. i liked the style, and dj natan inspired me.

gosha waters

i did experiments with my doepfer 404 and propellerheads rebirth. the first software synths appeared and a hole new era began. gosha danced the hole night - all trees were in neon colours. anjuna beach seemed to disappear.

harry, be my baby

dj natan and me made this one as our first project. he liked the dark goa style, and it was a lot of work to keep the timing of the sampled rebirth tracks together. be my baby

the scales of justice

"the scales of justice did lose their meanings for only one priceless moment - laughter leads behind again." the bass was real fast movin and trembled the kick. distoted resonance.

gishma water

i played around with the pannings. moving synths were able to move the people and stereo had a great comeback. the glide function was more important than anything and everybody talked about 24pole filters.