these are song that were also produced to get people moving. short drumsamples mix with acurate vocals, and the mix was also very important for me. it is all about the groove.
bow of amor

yes, i did indeed want to make a prince-song -clone. just to show, that i can also sing that high and play a weird guitar solo.

coo coo coo

coo-coo - baba. there is a part, where i start to sing in a rare oriental style. a strange piece - with drive. i played it a lot at my parties in the kfj13.

dangerous kind

did you ever meet a lady like this. well if you ever do, be aware. this song also has its own drive. the smooth and easy guitar solo was my state of the art those days.

i can feel it in the air

i played all percussion instruments live, the claps included. it was a lot of fun as i could sing much better, and my windows did not crash that day.

papa nadi gon 1

the first papa-nadi song. very popular in the rose-community. they danced to it and i decided to make another version of the song. this one was all sung live, because i had no harddisk-recording.

papa nadi gon 2

now i had harddisk recording, and produced the second papa-nadi song. the rose-girls were dissapointed, but helga, our blond angel did like that more.

the morning of love

we have a problem. it is about the "temples of sonaa". the high priestess and the old magician wake up at the high pyramid in the jungle. there waws a war and the legend says, that they became birds, and healed the countrys wound.

upper lady five

ratted from world war 2 he went aways across the atlantic to america. 1965 he made it to costa rica and there was she...

waka waka

i've got no time left, i gotta go. 16 crazy tales are waiting for me. excuse me, while i kiss the sky, i gotta go home.