sometimes i cannot help and have to make a track like one of these. i jump around in my studio, if if someone could see me, he would problably think, that i am gone to coocoo land.
babeloo land

there is no pain, the sky is always blue and everybody plays around in the ocean. it is simply a big island in the sun.

wanna be in a clean kitchen

that's life in a hippie community - always discussions about who washes the dishes and so on. today is one of these. i just wanna be in a clean kitchen.

a million dollars

if we could just produce one number one hit, it would be worth a million dollars. no it would be worth so much, that we could spend a million dollars in one day.

baby, baby, baby, baby...

this is my baby record. i'm shure you've also never heard more baby's in one song. peter, who programmed "der erfolgreiche gastronom" loved it, so we played it 100 times (from dat).

baby, feel the summertime

this was our first sweet disaster production, but as we played in in the "blaike", people thought we are crazy. so we changed strategy. but that summer was great anyway.

baby world

an old one. repeating sylables was one of my favourite habits, and i rarely made real lyrics. so many times it was like this.

do me doo

i like that song, the syllabic structure here is more important than the lyrics itself. the girl was really cute, but after some time with her, we never met again.

lover in the rain

a no-no song, some people would not even listen for a second to this piece of no-no. the guitar solo has something of a tirolean style.

running with the girls

high shakers and a square sine bass drive this track. crazy girls have their own thing, but often keep running. so if you want to be with them, run.

the baba gaga song

the boy wants to listen to the baba song, but she seems to ignore him. 6:25 - a very long song, but funny.

you stuck in my heart

a very, very long song 9:25, but a lovely texas love story about a texas girl. she was a pretty one, grown up in the cornfields, but her father would have prefered a boy. "baby got my tongue right in the little of my car..."

globalisition trap

this song s about economics, boys who do not like to work, and about cheap labour. all in all a crazy mix, isn't it?


dieses stück hat den refrain von einem lied, das eine innsbrucker sängerin geschrieben hat. er ist mir im kopf geblieben, und so entstand dieser remix. einfach nur 79

come, take my hand

it is a merry christmas song with a kinda rigelspiel-melody. about a mystery land - far, far away...