i rarely worked together with other artist. i know, that i should enforce this more, and maybe i will. it is always a totally different experience and it is a wonderful thing to watch creativity fuse and gain.

jen , my housemate at san francisco gladly sung the take right before my first real haloween party in the u.s. we had a lot of burning man exp and i loved the place.

over the rainbow

well chris, also from san francisco really was a good friend of mine. he helped me a lot and his heart was wide open. with no money and a pocket full of dreams we started out on the streets. great time.

i see things

holly was a really great woman. teh kind you need to built a castle. i spent hours walking around s.f with her. grown up in texas, she knew how to manage things. she wrote the lyrics.

away she sailed

peter is known throughout our hole history and this piece was a real good one. i programmed the backtracks and peter did the voices and lyrics. but, say again, where did she go?...

babe blue 1

i loved the voice of barbara, later known as "raufast". she was my first voice and will be my favourite one. we worked out the song together and at this time, this song was unique for a long time.

babe blue 2

this version uses less intruments and more simple guitar. one loop repeats and the deep sinus-bass fills the instrumental chorus.

babe blue 3

barely the beat was left, when i mixed this 3rd version.

the rest of me

it was a project for the local radio station, but turned out to be a start of a series of new song, that we made together.

waging love

another song, that should be remixed. the lyrics are about a relation between man and woman. some strange harmonies come up, but then got solved.


iphigeneia, as iris was called composed this song, that i did record, and i don't know why i did not use any reverb. later she sung the "urban horror requiem"

make me nervous

we experienced with kinda rap thing. anyway, i like it. raufast always wrote a lot of lyrics, and that was very helpful, for i had more fun producing the tracks.

in these days

my famous remix of peters original song. i never saw the girl before, but had the track of that rock song on the harddisk. that inspired me, and i did my try.

nothin in mind

no, helga was really my first singer. i was very young and totally happy to manage my first two synths. i produced about 20 tracks with her.

put off

the lyrics are about the music industries sex side. if you share a studio room all alone with a pretty girl, things can turn out to the core real fast. lyrics and voice:sebastian huber.


remy had a good idea, and i helped him realizing this. i likes his totally original african singing style, and the music is meant for good mood.

rest of my life

i do not even know her name, because she sung for peter and she was under contract. i remixed the song and made this unofficial release.

always on top

i was asked to produce a song for the austrian skiing worldchampionship. my song was not chosen, but at least i had fun, because peter (singer of the funk generatio) was a real nice guy.


together with me, sebastian and agnes victoria, this was a familiy production. it was produced with our tascam 4 tracker, the rest was performed live .

uuh chemotherapy

well, sebastian had a hard time working at the hospital. inspired by the cancer patients he wrote the lyrics during the long days days there.

mystical love - INGRID

ingrid and i recorded that song in my old studio many years ago. a mystical love can happen to you, too!

without a sign nor trace

as he lays there (possibly an ice shak, the guy get sucked into space!!! - no wonder, that he leaves no sign nor trace.

words and music: paul sorensen

paul composed the song at aunt evelyns, during his 4 week stay in europe.

luck and pain - TONI

some know toni, he lived in innsbrucks old city, and had a lot of fun there. being a maniac in many different ways, he has made his way to a normal and fulfilled live, as it seems.

we wish you good luck, toni!