i loved the drum and bass patchwork. combining loops and pads led me to a multi.track-beaten producer. that way i learned how to manage race tracks, that are needed for film tracks and ambient sounds.
killer kuno

killer kuno was the faster version of kuno number one, which was produced to shoe the full ability of awe-vBank - a programm written my markus eisenstöck. he changed our lives, markus i will never forget that - thank you always.

kuno does dance

this is the famous kuno mumber one. believe it or not, the hole song was produced by using ONLY 512KB of samples. the days were freaky and i became a computer maniac.

kuno get ready

i speeded kuno up to 150 bpm. the impressive 75 - 65 tracks brought me into the industrial music scene, and since that day i am still keen on that.

kuno got killed

i enhanched the kuno number one version with a few special fx, as soon as i got 32 mb additional memory for my soundblaster awe 64 gold. the hardware altered a lot, the music did a little bit of a change.

the racing inge steps

oh, my god, inge drove so fast, that i could barely hold my breath. i have to commit, that i still does not hold a drivers license, but this girl must have been an extra racer in her former life.

in jungles disorder

one of my first attempts to produced d&b. i just my voice in lack of 24pole filters. i pitched all the loops up to 7 semitones and tuned the sinus bass to 35 hertz. d-20, roland s-750 and m3r - that was all i had.