everybody knows, that i like minor more that major. i think this is easy explainable as many of my collegues do that too. but unlike what people think, this frees musicians as they transport their inner feelings troughout their music.
in my baby's world

i was in love. i was in l.a. and i was in a damned melancholy mood. on my way to asia playin the piano at venice beach meant more than earning a million dollars. i did all the vocals, the orchestra included.

i'll catch you there

i had a vision, me and my girl had a vision, and a boundry. a strong man can catch his maid, but when both of them fall down, it is like a new life before they can get up again. anyway, i loved her...

big boy

reminds me to a coconut boy song. i am also a "homo ludens" and have a hard a hard time to grow up. but my dream falls apart in such a hurry, oh no!

blue rain

i resampled every sound in this song over and over. getting the kick deeper and the snare to more gate i created a attatude of sadness with a peak of hope. a family tagedy. "the blue sky on the hill"

high i know

this song actually has no lyrics at all. but...thats not true. it was used in the art video "stringenz". mixing set fx and straight beat this creates an ghost to ghost atmossphere.

if i go

if i go. if we could. if there would have been a ...

i'm still thinking of you.

lord of lies

the morning hour was full of smoke. there was still a bottle left. i cannot dream right now, and light another cigarette. i'm not sure, wheater you were bullshitting me, or we found each other.

nine point five

a card game - venice. the stakes became higher and higher and in the end he plays for malvina. everything under 10 points could cause the luck to tumble down.


"i should have seen you in december." another sample over piece. i shared my reality with you for just one day. inside is so much pain, and if you get hold for that, i keep your head tightly in my hands, too.

you're my radio

no computer was used to produce the first 9.5 song - no, there is a beat in the end. this guitar style was recognised every time, when thomas learned to play the guitar.

uptown heart

a game with different roles. they fell in love, but that caused a lot of pain. he is a backstreet man and she's an uptown heart. enough for a bunsh of problems.

felt like rain

well, the troubles just began. coming all the way back he still not near his fate. it is a little bit better now. but the days, when we were kids are gone.

vienna waltz theme

harry, susie and tom were three friends from tyrol, heading for the big city vienna. spending long nights drinking red-wine at the river there, they think about living there for a while. this was the first song produced in the 5thFloor Studio.

call me trollow

it is also a prehear. the fist song, i made after my 2,5 months in cambodia in 2005.