being nearly forced to sing, these tracks contain almost no voice. i could have made a hundred cafe del mar cds, but just did'nt do. that is what i like about being alive. there are so much things left to do. lets do it!

"we have seen illusion and reality begin to overlaps, and fuse...the line between them begins to disappear." i hear this song every time i go away. it has a message, if you get it - hang up. (low quality for modems)

100 tage in moha

inichman wanted to get back to india, but in lack of money he plays tablas on the streets of moha (arabia) to collect the money. "i am here already for 100 days, here in moha".

the instruments were sampled from the indian "shandra bagahvanitra cd", the smallest of the three chapters. (low quality for modems)

abschied von moha

he finally made it. proud of seeing his homeland within a few weeks inichman wants to play in the jungle of india. thank you, allah, thank you, ganesh, thank you brahman, i am going home. (low quality for modems)

i'm going home

i was playin' around with hardware and software fx. as a result i processed out as a fine tune piano player. those of you, who know me better, have seen that thing before. i am happy to be an artist. (low quality for modems)

and i feel good now

i start out with the sentence "and i feel good now" processed by my wavestation vocoder. the song reaches more and more complexity, and more and more natural and synthetic instruments mix.

you should never

after 6 weeks south east asia, this was the first song recorded at the fivefloor studios.

for modem (12 kbit)
when i'm down

this is kind of a voice training mile stone. i did not use autotune and did not sing perfectly in tune. but i honestly tried to get the tune right - and as you hear - i am on my way. i composed this song for a movie, wich has to be made some day.