some of you might think, that i am crazy to produce such a trash, but believe it of not - i like it. and this is damned hard to make a full drive dancefloor. i still try it...
silver in the blue

cherris sugar sweet. i discovered my opera voice in the u.s. silver in the blue is just a synonym for "everything is allright".

dancing queen

the dancing queen is indeed a real "techno haserl". in the blinking lights of the dancefloor the boy confesses whatever he is willing to do. former version of "todo la vida"

original gemsenman

this was the original gemsenman, wich then was purchased by dieter tod. barbara wackerle made clear, that we were still waiting for the gemsenman, a man who really exited and the story, too.

new gemsenman

this was the new mix, for commercial use, after was discovered by the tirolean culture scene we made a little wind here and there.