starting out with music for crystal figures this cd became also a relaxing piece of music for many of my friends. the crystal in flowing, flowering, and sometimes you can hear it sing.
#01 abala

from brazil to korea, from finland to kapstadt, we live in a world that was made for every one of us. feelings and emotions stay the same, no matter what language we talk, no matter in wich religion we believe.

#02 halona

exlusive, luxury, difficile...a place at home. we relaxe from work, make ourselves a tea, and start to think about what happened today - halona, slowly....

#03 african wildlife

giving the wide spreads of nature, crystal is made out of water. the element, that every living creature needs, is also responible for the shine of eternity, that leads the sunbeams into our eyes.

#04 alibey

manufacture of quality products, is like manufacture of real life. we are the ones to decide our way, but it takes an effort, a little bit of our will and time. the price is woth it.

#05 hermione

let's get deeper. the rules sometimes lose their importance. that is when we cross a border, we never crossed before. then it is more important to have simpe energy and the will for an adventure.

#06 southsea

it is light. it is bright light. the crystal opens and gives birth to a thousand pieces of flamingsparks. let them come all over you, it is warm, mellow, clear...

#07 adelia

lay down your head. find a comfortable place. position your arms close to your body and breath deep and slowly. as the energy comes into your feet and out of the spinal center, the floating causes a gentle warmth. you are hold.

#08 fairy tales

listen: once there was a princess and there was a wide land. the king has promised to do everything to make her happy, and a brave knight brought her a wishful crystal. the stone of hope.

#09 harmony

feeling lighter and lighter we hear the sound of woo. stepping into paradise with the first foot, there seems no way to get back. floating...

#10 crystal spheres

take your time...

count the bells stokes...

how many times does it need to complete?

how many times do we need to complete?

we have time, so does the crystal, so does time.

it is for you