he is thousand of years old, an acient being, but always like a young boy. being connected to nature and mythic magic is hard to tell, wheather he will ever see. but it is true, he found the thing, we are always looking for...
coconut boy #1

i had a hard time sing this as a hole song, one can hear that. anyway the first cocosong was written partly in costa rica, near the goldsmuggling area of corcovado river. i prepared about 10 coconuts every day, i swear.

coconut boy #2

the coconutboy has the ability to get into other people's dreams. where have you been last night. sleepming at the fire. straight out of your cave came smoke and steam.

coconut boy #3

count from one to ten. it is easy. eat meat. it coconuts and then for any reason, eat again. it tastes like sugar, honey, like a love. can he manage the amount of dreams he did share?

coconut boy #4

there is no will for any spiritual person. the tracks of maharman started at the cold hill, but joy is an experience on its own. you were away such a long time, and still we wonder..

coconut boy #5

a formula...give me a formula. there is one for every poison, every medicine - every result. out of the deep green comes this one: imyinmy rings a nit coconut anrei kasa in main marings wan in nit rop wan a sin.

coconut boy #6

i get you there, girl. i love you, cannot take that thing away. i will force my fate to that, if i will only find a way to do that, i could be a master, just like him. get out of my sea.

coconut boy #7

"mushrooms in my head" as sampled, those days that was a revolutionary technique. this rock track would deserve a mixup due to its chorus. sharks were part of your nature and i can still feel you...

coconut boy #8

yes, i love that one. do you know the feeling when your thoughts do what they want. desert green, the boy is agressive this time. i was just about to learn how to play guitar soli.

coconut boy's intermezzo

my first sample cds provided also a set of cr-78 drumsets, and i loved them. the analogue synth just became popular again, and you need a break, too. that is it.

coconut boy #9 (3 coconuts)

is there anybody out to count? it was by far more than that. a slo-mo techno sounds like this at quarter speed.

coconut boy #10

this could also fit in the b.a. area. the words make no sense but carry an emotion. it is a semantic end of a word, that causes the final meaning. people were a market. the boy was just like harry - and harry was dead for a hundred years.

coconut boy #11

you were part of me and, yes, i am willing to sing with you. the chants of synca came up to me, as you sat closed to my side. my voice was uncertain, but i knew, what i wanted.

coconut boy #12

it causes sickness. did you know, that when a man gets closer to his person, his fears, her starts to shake. it is just like a fever and he has a medicine for that. organise your fear.

coconut boy #13

the girl got involved. she was young, pretty, and she waited for 10 years. did you ever get touched by a human soul. i see you, i see a boy, i see a lost war, i see me. i will keep you. made with fostex 4´-tracker, those times our state of the art

coconut boy #14

we were producing tracks every day: peter, barbara and me, and so it was no big deal to mix them all together in one song. i am superstishous, so we made it to numer 14, and this track really brings back the memories of these days. the studio was a chamber, there was always a beer in the fridge and plenty of girls shared our bed on the balcony.