i like dark moods. although i am nearly never in one myself, i can feel negative vibrations very well. i have seen thoughts and desire begin to become reality.
all my demons

there are 65 demons in the law of executive amazonal posession. afga, fiffa, pesha. blood was provided for this track. at some point i had to stop recording that day. i believe in that shit... hear it loud to hear somthing else.

bad destruction

i was young and tested my deep voice that i mangeled badly. there was also a little anger about technical mistakes that drove me to that piece.

black angel

solution for the others. enfreement for other souls - i was into that, but nowadays i know about the way, we make our universe- only our point of view. otherwise you could not manage it, not to provide help to millions of visions.

cave fokker

deep down in the cave sleeps the dragon. knock on the childoow and get the racky ass to stand its fame. hearing the steam gutting up from the dark hell, the hero feels a danger...

come closer, doc

the doctor shook the needle deep into the fearful patient. he was dressed all in white but sucked the blood. i saw the name on him. printed in gold. come closer doc and warm your cold hand. i am hot.

down in the ground

hahaha, the gravedigger is on the run again. at midnight he reaches baltimore with a shuffel and the hoock. there is much more inside thoses graves, than simple dead bodies...

oh, what a day

i hate that piece. i really hate that piece. you may not understand it, but if you listen to the lyrics carefully you'll find, that there is something wrong. i had a hard time finishing this one, too. i mean disappoiontment within an illusion is one of the worst things for me. it was simply not possible.


hitler had a completely different point of view. those of you, who think, that this could never happen, if we would have listened carefully, i want to remind that realities change whenever the system changes. religion was a concern.

gutur murawan

the guru sits in the cave for a long time. then , after 53 years tian hun appears, and tells him: "hurry, hurry - don't worry". soundtrack for the movie: "the dirty road to china"