badly performed means not perfect at all. sometimes i have so much fun making music, that i don't give a shit. but i regret it for shure.
permanent brother

what is the connection between heidi and the "permanent brother"? well, she wants him, but never stops to move on the road. every boozer has to fight for this.

texas girl

she will not weep, nor cry after a half piece of a man. she manages the lipsstick thing, but gets angry if you prefer to stay home alone. she is nobodies fool. the solo was laxed

lonely steve pete

this is the original lonely steve pete song, wich never made its way out to the public, because i could not manage tempo and guitar. anyway, i like the chorus, and there will always come a day.

lonely steve pete was more than a pretty boy with a fast finger on the trigger. lovely girls with long blod hair told me the story of hot iron and green dollars.


silly western style song with improvised lyrics.

every day is core

this is a remix of an older song. the lyrics are not the same, and it is not a finalised work, of course. just to keep you folks updated.