ambient tracks open up a different sense for music. music is noise, periodic patterns, mathematical caustics with effort in a way that attracts us. this music is made to change the way, we think about tones, majors and minors...
der hof von nummer 13

the first 10 minutes are made using only the analogue roland sh-1000 (the first japanese keyboard) and a micro, that recorded the sounds of our garden. later they get mixed with the digital m3r. there is space, and it is quiet, full of keenan.

urban herbs

starting with the power of nature, the song falls into environmental solution. the guitar appears and steps forward to reach the rhythm. the illastic finale presents the light.

the machine

do not judge this track until you have listened at least 7 minutes with a relaxed attetude. what parts of the music are important for you, the kick? the strings? the highat?

the machine never stops, seems to have no direction, nor emotion, but it is also important what surrounds it at the moment. as we live our lives, as we try to function, sometimes it is very easy to lose a concequent sight. we are a machine, our heartbeat is, sometimes fast, someday slow...

the motor

showing another kind of importance for pads, i sampled the strings out of a j.s.bach concert. he loved d-minor and so do i, together with beethovens c-minor.

this track is rather agressive, laxing, bearing another motion - the movement. the kalimba serves as open hat, and my old roland s-750 sampler took great advantage of its highpass, resonant filter.