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welcome to sulinors petshirt spring collection 2003.

the finest materials were combined with high printing quality, long lasting polymeric colors and handmade reliability. presented by "mountain queen" johanna conda. prices incl. tax, no animals were harmed for the production of these clothes.

PETSHIRT No 1 - Stone Cold
black Tshirt, red velvet, ozelot pattern

steve austin - the famous wrestler is printed on front (4-colors) and back (b/w) of petshirt. sleeves are half side of red velvet, and ozelot pattern. price € 890.-

PETSHIRT No 2 - China Velvet
black Tshirt, silk, java-cat pattern

plain white Tshirt with stitched kashmir. sleeves were made of purple korean silk. all pieces were assembled together in one unique working process. price € 590.-

PETSHIRT No 3 - Cuvee Tigre
red Tshirt, silk, java-cat pattern

hand stitched, selected materials, color selection was made using the tao-tin principle. sleeves are half side of orange velvet, and java-cat pattern. price € 1290.-

PETSHIRT No 4 - The Jungle House
black Tshirt, blue silk, java-cat pattern

the black parts were sewed under the blue silk construction. before the finalizaion the java-cat pattern were manufactured in between the first media's pringle. price € 950.-

PETSHIRT No 5 - Jackien du Golde

sleeves are made of golden silk, undercut and fixed on the silver silk shirt, lackman style. both materials are china cut tripple A (quiang ton) quality. price € 1320.-

PETSHIRT No 6 - Couture Zebraenne
zebra plush, silk, cotton

the zebra design was first combinated with silver plush, then undercut with silver silk. inlay green silk, and inner sleeves deep orange koean silk . price € 1740.-

PETSHIRT No 7 - The Hardy Boyz
black Tshirt, red vevlet

the hardy boyz (world wrestling) are printed on front (4-colors) and back (b/w) of petshirt. sleeves are made of red velvet, all undercut price € 720.-

PETSHIRT No 8 - Tiger Teeth
black Tshirt, silk, ozelot pattern

tiger printed on front and back of petshirt. sleeves are halfcut blue silk and ozelot pattern. inner edges were weaved in french nikles . price € 660.-

PETSHIRT No 9 - Vanessa Ozelot
black Tshirt, ozelot pattern

our famous ozelot pattern was combined with the counterfait of vanessa chase on front and back. all our cothes provide a wide array for the neck. price € 790.-

PETSHIRT No 10 - Silk Road
cotton, silk

grey and white cotton for the shirt's mainframe, and class A china silk (deep black-blue) for both sleeves. handmade quality, like all our products . price € 940.-

PETSHIRT No 11 - Britney Ozelot
black Tshirt, ozelot pattern

britney spears on both front (4 colors) and back (b/w). sleeves are made of our ozelot pattern on cotton. this piece is one of our best selling products. price € 620.-

PETSHIRT No 12 - Britney Red Velvet
black T-shirt, red velvet

exclusivly for britney spears 21st birthday, this piece was designed by sulinor and produced by our manufacturer. britney on front (4 colors) and back (b/w) . price € 540.-

PETSHIRT No 13 - Ozelot Ocean
silk, velvet, patterns

this piece can only be produced in a very complicating process, wich is reflected in the higher price. blue silk, orange velvet, ozelot pattern, java-cat pattern, and black cotton were assembled under full concentration of our quality controllers. price € 2320.-