have you ever desired to be a sailor. well i did, and so i just made a cd about that theme. you will hear a rezitativo between every song, that is the speaker to explain, what will be going on in the next scene. at the time, we had our first cd-burner, and for us having that thing was a totally new challenge.
#01 rezitativo

#02 childhood dream

the boy was dreamin to become a sailor for a long time. it was said that sailors get called by the waves and beautiful women on the distant islands. that dream was shining in his eyes.

#03 rezitativo

#04 over the wales

leaving out shipland bay for the barens sea the boys will be out in the northern coast for another 20 days. in the polar area it is dark 24 hours this time of the year, and they take the last step to deliver their tropical freight.

#05 rezitativo

#06 what's going on

as they landed at puerto barrios, the sailors stream on land, cause they have been on the blue for such a long time. jacky len has no luck, a girl calls him little prince, she is 1-84

#07 rezitativo

#08 well you got me

hard working men, also often have a soft heart. as years pass by, the sailors keep more and more secrets. in the night, after drinking huge amounts of booze, their tongue gets loosened.

#09 rezitativo

#10 you're so sweet

lucky jin was a young, wild sailor. but when their ship "ice queen" had to be repaired on tihatua, salomon islands he falls in love with one of the dark cuties there. half latin, half pirate she captures his heart, but the day comes closer...

#11 rezitativo

#12 the sunshine comes out

well, you know this song. i had to place it here, because it was always part of that cd, long before the sweet disaster one. a sailors tale. (but there is no peter playin teh horn)

#13 rezitativo

#14 cherry, come home

our german friend has been a trucker for a lifetime. as his friends gather at the westland road cafe to remember the "crazy kraut" the weather changes and the sun comes out again. they remember the last ride of cherry.

#15 rezitativo

#16 became older

it took him long years to realize, his hands are less strong every year. wind and sea are always the same but we become older and the younger ones are seeking out adventures.

#17 rezitativo

#18 papa, don't ya gonna be late

i was on the blue - year by year, and came home only from time to time. my kids built a grave at the churchyard at sometimes told the other kids, that i was gone.

#19 rezitativo

#20 behind the real thing

as an old man he touched land for the last time. he hitchhicked the last roads he still thinks of the last freight from ankorwat to hamburg. cars passed by and so did his love for the uptown girl. having a good friend is like coming home...

#21 blue poem